Academic Institutions



Developing and maintaining open and direct communication with policy makers is vital for the growth and survival of every academic institution. Recent cuts to education funding, merit pay for teachers, and the potential for year-round education are hot topics in the media and communities where institutions operate. Leaders of academic institutions need a sound strategy and plan of action for building community support for their initiatives and vision.


The Art Hamilton Group is closely connected to the people who influence public education in Arizona. Based on the old saying that it is not what you know but who you know that counts, The Art Hamilton Group can introduce academic institution leaders to the right people through various means. These may include arranging meetings with editorial boards, creating public awareness campaigns with community leaders and the public, or building alliances with others who are similarly situated.

Working with The Art Hamilton Group gives your organization an unparalleled advantage.  As a lifelong proponent of education, Art Hamilton knows which strategies work effectively for building community support and media buy-in that can bring your vision for academic progress to fruition.


The results we offer clients include:

  • Strengthening communication with public bodies and organizations that are influential to future plans.
  • Cultivating strong and enduring relationships with governmental agencies and public constituents using strategies that maximize the ability of your organization to achieve its goals.
  • Protecting your organization by more effectively connecting your organization to the community you serve.

The Art Hamilton Group has deep roots in the Arizona community. For decades Art Hamilton has steadfastly advocated for education funding and its value to children and the community. His understanding of the high value of education began with his own education through the Arizona academic system. His knowledge and wisdom is recognized by current and former clients including Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University. That experience, combined with a quarter of century as a state legislator, allows The Art Hamilton Group to connect the dots among various agencies to guide your organization forward.


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