Public Healthcare



Few issues carry the weight and impact that public healthcare does. Universal healthcare, continuity of service and protecting vulnerable populations are topics that define the healthcare debate. They also characterize who we are as a community. Questions of proper reimbursement and fulfilling funding for programs that protect those with the most need are debated constantly in the media and in government. In this high profile and high stakes environment Public Healthcare organizations and institutions need strong, vigilant representation to advocate on their behalf.


The Art Hamilton Group provides strength and experience that would serve public healthcare institutions and programs in several ways. Drawing on decades of experience with local, state and national government officials, The Art Hamilton Group is able to communicate and advocate on your behalf regarding a wide range of healthcare related issues. We provide counsel in developing your strategies, we advise on what aspects of your initiative(s) are viable and we let you know when we believe the timing is right to take action. Our contacts throughout the state and national public healthcare arenas allow us to put you in contact with the right office and the right official with the right message for maximum impact.


With more than a quarter century in the Arizona State Legislature, including many years in various leadership positions, Art Hamilton knows the people with whom you need to connect. He also understands how to speak with them in order to get your message across. His unwavering support for quality public health care is demonstrated by a lifetime of work to assure that healthcare is available to those who need it. For example, Art Hamilton helped initiate the Arizona State pre-paid capitated program, the first statewide program of its type in the nation. The program, which helps to assign fixed payments and control costs, has become the norm for similar programs nationwide. By working with one of the largest prepaid capitated providers in the country Art Hamilton has successfully negotiated with state governments from Maine to Texas.

Art Hamilton has championed several public healthcare programs for children including the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) – now known as Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) – a program administered by the United States Department of Health and Human Services that provides matching funds to states for health insurance to families with children. He also works with county employers and Native American tribes to coordinate healthcare service with their respective groups. Art Hamilton is a former Phoenix Children’s Hospital Board Member.

Few organizations are as qualified and well connected as The Art Hamilton Group to represent and advise your organization or business.


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