The Art Hamilton Group LLC specializes in providing integrated communications, public affairs, strategic thinking and tactical solutions for businesses and other ventures. We understand that achieving success in the public arena requires an understanding of complex and often shifting relationships and priorities. You need intelligent strategies and the ability to communicate your message effectively to the right audience. In these environments, The Art Hamilton Group focuses on three strengths: Strategic Advocacy, Government Relations, and Issues Management.


The Art Hamilton Group works with you to develop a plan to achieve your goals. Next, we assist in creatively packaging your ideas and advocating your position to the right audience. We can create a positive flow for your agenda and advocate for you where it matters: inside the halls of power and with the public. Art Hamilton was intimately involved in the successful advocacy of the construction of the University of Phoenix. His ability to gain support and build consensus with the leadership teams of community, business and local government leaders was pivotal to the success of the project.


Few people know the inside of the AZ State Legislature the way Art Hamilton does. As an elected member of the House of Representatives for 26 years, Mr. Hamilton has developed a reputation as a trusted and proven leader. He understands how to navigate all levels of government, how to uncover opportunities and how to protect your interests from pitfalls. As a former director of the National Conference of State Legislatures and a Member Emeritus of the State Legislative Leaders Foundation, Mr. Hamilton has earned the respect of his Arizona colleagues as well as government decision makers across the United States.


Sometimes things do not work out as planned and executive leaders need to keep business issues from becoming a ‘cause celeb’ for the opposition. The Art Hamilton Group has helped resolve and mediate dozens of issues using a combination of tact and solid understanding of the affected agencies and individuals to prevent molehills from becoming mountains.

Within these three strength areas The Art Hamilton Group may integrate any of the following skills.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Policy Development
  • Coalition Building
  • Grassroots Organizing
  • Advocating for Policy Positions
  • Message Development
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Tracking and Monitoring Legislation and  Regulations
  • Political Assessment and Strategic Guidance
  • Assisting with Relationship Development