Native Americans



The challenges facing tribal governments and interests are never ending. Healthcare issues go to the heart of the community. Plans for economic development and gaming exclusivity affect revenues now and for the next generation. The sometimes double edged sword of sovereignty creates complex relationships between tribal, state and national organizations. In many cases leaders are trusted to navigate these complex areas with limited resources and connections. At the same time they often need protection from those who are trying to infringe upon their funding and interests.


The Art Hamilton Group assists Native American groups in communicating and working with government agencies to achieve the dignity and respect their sovereign status dictates.  The Art Hamilton Group can assist your tribal government and community by building relationships with local, state and national governing bodies in order to support your issues, from sovereignty and federal funding of health services to state taxation and the development of local business ventures. The Art Hamilton Group is positioned to be your ambassador across the spectrum of local and national governmental concerns from local chambers of commerce to congressional delegations.

As a lifelong proponent of Native American causes, Art Hamilton understands Native American issues, the concerns of the respective communities as well as the practical implications when problems go unresolved.  In addition to connecting your tribal governments and communities with the right people, Art Hamilton knows from experience which strategies work effectively for support and media buy-in that can bring your programs to fruition.


With over a quarter century in the Arizona State Legislature, including many years in various leadership positions, Art Hamilton has demonstrated his commitment to Native American issues. He has invested a lifetime of working to ensure that Native Americans and their respective leadership are treated with dignity and respect. Art Hamilton has fought attempts to impose state taxes on sovereign nations and defended gaming exclusivity. He has advocated for commiserate state funding of health services and for state funding of K12 schooling on and off reservation(s).  Art Hamilton knows each and every member of the Arizona congressional delegations affecting Native American affairs and he understands how to communicate your concerns and promote your interests. Not only does he have access to these leaders but he is uniquely positioned to advocate on your behalf.  Let Art Hamilton and The Art Hamilton Group work with you to continue improving Native American causes.


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