It’s not easy leading city and county governments. Federal and state initiatives seem to trump local ones. Issues such as sustainable revenue, managing growth, identifying sufficient water resources and becoming ‘greener’ often conflict with running the day-to-day operations of a municipality. How do you find the time to manage state-level communications to ensure that your organization retains state-shared revenue or obtains additional stimulus revenue? How can you make sure that the Arizona congressional delegation understands and responds to your specific needs and issues?


The Art Hamilton Group works with municipalities and counties to communicate and work with state-level agencies by providing advice and strategy on pursuing their respective interests. By working with The Art Hamilton Group your city or county gains an unparalleled advantage. With over a quarter of a century in the Arizona State Legislature, including many years in leadership positions, Art Hamilton knows the people you need to connect with and how to speak with them. These connections can make the difference for the success of your initiatives and build consensus in the process.

Through a detailed knowledge of the political landscape The Art Hamilton Group can also assist in building collaboration amongst groups with similar interests, resulting in a more powerful and effective effort. The results of our efforts include:

  • Increasing organizational effectiveness by helping your organization pursue and achieve organizational goals in a strategic fashion.
  • Strengthening communication with public bodies that are influential to your future plans.
  • Cultivation of strong and enduring relationships with state agencies and public constituents using an approach that maximize the ability for your organization to achieve its goals.


For decades Art Hamilton has crafted his leadership, management and negotiation skills as he effectively navigated the Arizona State Legislature and related State organizations. Along the way he has built a plethora of relationships with local, state and national leaders. With just one phone call The Art Hamilton Group can communicate with decision makers who make things happen. An active member of several community boards, Art Hamilton is a trusted advisor to several municipal organizations including The Phoenix Bond Committee and The Phoenix Sky Harbor Aviation Advisory Board. The trust and respect accorded to Art Hamilton resulted in him being named an “Honorary Fighter” by both the Phoenix and State Fighters Union, a reflection of his relatability on the local levels.

Art Hamilton has not only developed deep connections with people in the right places, he has a reputation as a leader who can be trusted. He knows how to connect the dots among various agencies to help guide your organization forward.


Call today for a consultation to determine how The Art Hamilton Group can help your organization.