Political Issues



Politics impact every aspect of life. Issues such as early childhood development, healthcare reform and public financing/clean elections have implications for all of us. Whether you are attempting to impact politics through changing policy, passing an initiative or directing public funds to a particular community or educational program, it is imperative that you advocate effectively in order to engage the government and the public at large. You need a trusted leader who can champion your issue with strength and coordinated action. You must ensure that your messaging is clear and targeted to the right audience. In order to be successful you must strategically identify revenue sources, develop coalitions and understand how to organize local and statewide communities in support of your issue.


The Art Hamilton Group assists political issue campaign advocates in communicating and working with government agencies and the public.  By working with The Art Hamilton Group for advice and strategy your campaign gains an unparalleled advantage in effective advocacy. With over quarter century of public service in the Arizona State Legislature, including many years in various leadership positions, Art Hamilton knows the people you need to connect with and he knows how to speak with them. The Art Hamilton Group can make the case for your cause and build consensus. With a thorough knowledge of the political landscape we can also build collaboration amongst similarly interested persons, resulting in a more powerful and effective effort.


The results of our efforts include:

  • Effective fund raising to support an issue campaign by helping your organization identify and pursue sources of support
  • Identifying strategic media
  • Strengthening communication with public bodies and the general public
  • Effectively countering opposing positions with a clear message and understanding of their goals

Art Hamilton was intimately involved in the successful strategic advocacy of the “It’s Time” initiative. This initiative was responsible for generating 20,000 members of the group that resulted in the construction of the new University of Phoenix stadium in Glendale, a significant political issue victory. As president of the National Conference of State Legislatures, Mr. Hamilton led the task force to re-write states policies on how state governments deal with families and individuals wrestling with problems of the developmentally disabled.


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