In order to steer through the often turbulent waters of government and regulatory agencies, utility companies of all types need ongoing representation in policy and regulatory matters. Whether maximizing the opportunities presented by ‘smart grid’ solutions, staying up to date with the latest in renewable & alternative energy portfolio standards or building a trusted relationship with corporation commissions, utilities must balance multiple priorities in an effective manner.


The Art Hamilton Group assists utility companies with maneuvering through political environments by providing sound advice and a deliberate approach for pursuing their respective business interests. With over 30 years of experience working with an Arizona utility Art Hamilton understands the intricacies of how utilities function. He knows, firsthand, how utilities interact with the Arizona Corporation Commission and other regulatory agencies.

The Art Hamilton Group provides your organization with an unparalleled advantage. We can connect with and communicate your message to strategic influencers on all levels, locally and nationally.  The results of our efforts include:

  • Increasing organizational effectiveness by helping your organization pursue and achieve organizational goals in a strategic fashion.
  • Strengthening communication within public bodies that are so influential to future plans including taxation and selling of existing utilities.
  • Cultivating strong and enduring relationships with governmental agencies and public constituents using strategies that maximize the ability for your organization to achieve its goals.


Art Hamilton invested 34 years with the Salt River Project, a Phoenix based water and electric utility company, where he worked in public affairs. While there his responsibilities included

  • developing relationships with Native American tribes and communities to minimize the impact of utility actions on various communities.
  • developing community support for utility projects including tax initiatives, the location of substations, identifying potential problem areas before they matured and more.
  • working with individuals who represent a variety of critical initiatives, bringing groups with common goals together before meeting with the Legislature to coordinate unified positions and minimizing conflict.

Active in the industry Art Hamilton, through The Art Hamilton Group, continues to cultivate the time-tested relationships with decision makers and influencers. These trusted relationships cannot be replicated.


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